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Mahinda Palihawadana mahipal at LANKA.CCOM.LK
Thu Jun 29 13:50:08 UTC 2000

At 11:17 06/24/2000 +0900, Nobumi Iyanaga wrote:
>Dear List Members,
>I am looking for some simple information on the notion of satyavacana in
>classical Indian thought in general and if possible in Buddhist thought,
>literature, etc.

Heinrich Luders, VaruNa, II  VaruNa  und das Rta, Goettingen. Vandenhoeck &
Ruprecht. 1959, pp 486 ff  (Die SatyakriyA) contain a discussion of the
relevant Buddhist  references. Pp 496 ff deal with "Die SatyakriyA  in der
brahmanischen Literatur". This is of course considerably more than "some
simple information".
The whole Buddhist ritual of ParittAna (Skt. ParitrANa) is based  on the
notion that the truth, when told with lovingkindness (mettA = maitrI), is a
great force for healing and protection.
Mahinda Palihawadana

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