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Yaroslav Vassilkov yavass at YV1041.SPB.EDU
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There are many works and remarks on the subject. What comes to mind first is:
        Penzer M.M. (ed.) The Ocean of Story, being C.H.Tawney's translation of
Somadeva's KathA Sarit SAgara, London, 1924-28, vol.2, pp.30-33, vol.3, pp.179-182;
W.Norman Brown. Duty as Truth in the Rig Veda. - India Maior. Congratulatory Volume
presented to Prof.J.Gonda. Leiden, 1972, pp.57-67.
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> Dear List Members,
> I am looking for some simple information on the notion of satyavacana in
> classical Indian thought in general and if possible in Buddhist thought,
> literature, etc.
> Thank you very much in advance for any thoughts, bibliographical data or
> references.
> Best regards,
> Nobumi Iyanaga
> Tokyo,
> Japan
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