Again, SANSKRIT broadcasts + M.Muller

Ashok Aklujkar aklujkar at INTERCHANGE.UBC.CA
Wed Jun 28 15:33:47 UTC 2000

In response to Jan Houben's excellent question >Who -- some German
Indologist, I assume, but which one -- was instrumental in getting a
Sanskrit broadcast on the German radio in 1966?<

As far as my information goes, it was Dr. Raghu Vir's daughter, Sushama
Lohia, working for the Hindi program of Deutsche Welle in the sixties, who
tried for the inclusion of a Sanskrit broadcast in Hindi broadcasts. See
the issues of the Sanskrit periodical ;Saaradaa, published from Pune by
Pandit Vasant A. Gadgil, for the late 1960's (I do not have access to them
at present to be able to give a precise reference).


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