Harappan Gold

Wed Jun 28 00:30:54 UTC 2000

>  Thanks for the URL. The coins have nothing to do with Harappa,
> since none have been found from the bronze age indus civilization.
> They seem to have employed barter, measures of grain accurately
> weighed, cattle, carnelian, lapis, etc., No coins in Harappa.

There seems to be a lot of confusion about this find.  The article I
read was in the The Guardian (UK 21/06).  It quotes both AK Sharma of
U.P. State Archeology Unit and Komal Anand, director general of the
Archeological Survey of India, who is quoted as saying, "Such a large
collection of 2000BC Harappan jewellery has never been found at any
other site in India.  It indicates that the Harappans had started
moving from the north for some reason".  The article implies that the
jewellery was shown by the Archeological Survey of India whose members
might be assumed to know Harappan artefacts when they see them.  The
article goes on, "Experts say that the jewellery is similar to other
items recovered from Mohenjo Daro".
The article also mentions the ASI "also showed off 31 anthropomorphic
[copper] figurines dug up in the nearby district of Moradabad and date
back to the Harappan period."

Best wishes,
Stephen Hodge

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