Again, SANSKRIT broadcasts + M.Muller

S Krishna mahadevasiva at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Jun 28 01:12:26 UTC 2000

vatsalamihirapaNDitena likhyate:
> >  Is - sharmaNya deshiyasya - a common usage in Germany ?
>Yes, since we are all Brahmins, spoken on every street corner, and
>even our airline is called:  Luft -haMsa... and its logo bird...!
Just kidding.>>

Naaaaah! "Koln" i.e. Cologne seems to have come from "Kula heena"( lacking
caste)! So, to paraphrase Prof. Bh. Krishnamurthy's advice of a few months
ago, pls don't MASQUERADE as a Brahmin, vatsalaamihira paNDita!:-)

>Guess, which name I used in a temple in Andhra when the priest offered for

What gotra did you use?


( or should I make it Chris?)

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