Again, SANSKRIT broadcasts + M.Muller

Michael Witzel witzel at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
Tue Jun 27 02:25:02 UTC 2000

Listened to  the  Skt. broadcast  of Deutsche Welle/Cologne's today.

Again about Max Mueller (already 7th installment), since it is his 100th
anniversary, --
but different from yesterday's Hindi broadcast, and much more  detailed:
about his early studies at Paris (with Burnouf) & stay in London in
connection with peroparing his RV + Sayanabhasya  edition, his relationship
with D. N. Tagore, etc. etc.

The woman announcer has a very clear voice and does not speak very quickly.
So, perfect for 2nd year+ students.

web site:
select "audio on demand"
The Sanskrit section  is in the third part of the program, after Hindi
news, sports,  etc.

This program will be available until c. noon EST,
then the Tuesday program (Hindi only) will kick in.

Next  Skt. program 2 weeks from now.

on the radio:
16 m = 17,595 Khz
41 m =  7.225 Khz
49 m=  6170 Khz
Medium wave 1548 Khz

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