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By chance last night I came across the article "What the Jaina Sources Can
Teach Us" in "Indian Studies, Selected Papers of G. Roth, Ed. by Bechert and
Keiffer-Pulz, 1986, Shri SatGuru Publications".  In this article G. Roth
discusses the VasudevahiNDI and gives a reference "Sandesara, B.J., Cultural
Data in the VasudevahINDi, a prAkrit Story-Book by sanghadAsagaNi in:
Journal of the Oriental Institute, Baroda, Vol. 10 (1961) pp. 7-17" which he
says contains statements by Sandesara about his translation into Gujarati.
Roth also says "He [Sandesara] is the most experienced in this field as he
was fortunate enough to read the whole text [vasudevahINDi] with Muni
PuNyavijayajI, and translated it into Gujarati (BhAvanagar, 1946)..."

Roth also gives the reference "L. Alsdorf, The vasudevahiNDi, a Specimen of
Archaic jaina-mahArASTrI in: Indian and Iranian Studies, presented to G. A.
Grierson, London, 1936, p. 320.  The same, Der Vedha in der VasudevahiNDi,
in : Festschrift Friedrich Weller- Asiatica, Leipzig, 1954, pp. 1-11."

Roth also says that he hasn't seen either this Gujarati translation or Dr.
Jains english translation.

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>On June 24, 2000, D.N.Jha wrote:
>       >Can any one tell me if SanghadAsaGaNi's VasudevahiNDI
>       >(Jain Prakrit Text) has been translated ... [?]
>Also, (in full?) into Gujarati, by Sandesara Bhogilal.
>Shri Jain Atmanand Sabha, Bhavnagar 1945.
>Also, (not in full) into Norwegian:
>*En bunt indiske eventyr* by Sten Konow. Oslo 1946.
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