Krishna as avatarin?

Martin Gansten Martin.Gansten at TEOL.LU.SE
Tue Jun 20 08:14:05 UTC 2000

Dear Vidyasankar,

Thank you very much for these references. This is precisely the sort of
thing I was looking for. I particularly appreciate your point regarding
Vallabha's rejection of bhagavad-antaryaami-bheda.

>Finally, to get to my favorite subject, Advaita, note that Sankara also
>uses the word a.mza in his gItAbhAshya introduction ... Again, no
hierarchy is
>evident between Krishna/Vasudeva on the one hand and Vishnu/Narayana on the
>other, even though the word a.mza is used.

Right. This seems to be the general stance not only of Advaita, but of the
'greater tradition' overall, including southern Vaishnavism and the
puranas/agamas/etc. (The Brahmavaivarta passage that you mention is an
interesting exception; would you know the exact reference?)

Martin Gansten

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