Madhava, Vidyaranya, Sringeri, and Kulke

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Mon Jun 19 23:01:35 UTC 2000

Contrary to what some readers think, I am not into a smear campaign or a
diatribe against the Kanchi Matha. My comments are always issue-based, and
should be seen as part of the checks and balances one needs in anything, if
it is to remain healthy. I have been characterized as saying that the Kanchi
Matha is "fake." That is not my contention. All I say is that it is "new,"
relatively speaking. Some of its claims are surely fake, but not the
institution itself.

When I say that the 5th century BCE date for Sankara is untenable, and
discuss why this is so, I get accused of being polemical. Somehow, the idea
seems to be that the older something is claimed to be, the better it is. The
followers of Dwaraka and Puri Mathas should also be criticizing me, as they
also hold to this date. But I don't see that any of them really care about

>AchAryas of all the mathams. Infact my father's direct grand uncle was a
>former ShankarAchArya of Puri and my family makes regular trips to

Please read comments by the contemporary successor of your father's grand
uncle in Hinduism Today (

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