Jaina electronic texts?

Royce Wiles Royce.Wiles at ANU.EDU.AU
Thu Jun 8 23:57:48 UTC 2000

> From our own Indology page there is a link to


where electronic versions of the following are available.

Dasaveyaliya, Isibhasiyaim, AYaranga, Suyagada, Uttarajjhaya.

As far as I have discovered those are the only complete texts available on
the web. Another page to look is below, but mostly they give secondary
literature (but still many complete books are available to download).


Prof. Kansara in Ahmedabad introduced me to a Jain muni preparing a CD-ROM
version of Agama texts, he was though I think just having input the edition
of the Mahavira Jaina Vidyalaya and as far as I know no CD has yet

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