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On Wed, 7 Jun 2000, Shrikant Bahulkar wrote:

> Sa.msk.rta Sa.msk.rti Sa.m;sodhikaa, a research Institute established by
> J~naanaprabodhinii, Pune has received a huge collection of works on
> Raamaaya.na belonging to the late Shri. G. N. Sathe, Pune. The total
> number of books is 1944 which include various editions of Vaalmiiki's
> Raamaaya.na and other Raamaaya.nas in various languages and scripts,
> their translations,  literary compositions based on the story of Raama,
> modern works etc. The Institute is preparing a classified list of the
> works in that collection,  for which it needs information on
> bibliographies of Raamaaya.na prepared so far. You are requested to
> supply the necessary  information. Thanks.
I know, at least, three bibliographical works on Ramayana in
English that appeared in recent years:

        Smith, Harry Daniel: Select bibliography of Ramayana-related
        studies / comp. by H. Daniel Smith. - Bombay :
        Ananthacharya Indological Research Institute, 1989. - vii,
        127 pp. (Ananthacharya Indological Research Institute
        Ser.; 21)

        Singh, Gaurishankar: Ramayana and Ramakatha : an
        international literature survey / Gaurishankar Singh. -
        Varanasi : Bibliographical Society of India, 1989. - xxiv,
        523 pp.

        Krishnammorthy, K. (ed.): A critical inventory of
        Ramayana studies in the world / ed. by K. Krishnamoorthy
        [et al.]. - Vol. 1: Indian languages and English. - New
        Delhi : Sahitya Akademi, 1991. - lxxv, 515 pp.

A more general reference work in two volumes may be useful, too:

        Epic and Puranic bibliography (up to 1985) annotated and
        with indexes / comp. under the chairmanship of Heinrich
        von Stietencron by P. Flamm, H. v. Stietencron [et al.].
        Ed. by H. v. Stietencron, K.-P. Gietz, A. Malinar [et
        al.]. - Part 1.2. - Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz, 1992. - lx,
        1052; 1055-2116 pp. (Purana Research Publications Tübingen
        ; 3) 

I hope it helps
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