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Shrikant Bahulkar bahulkar at PN2.VSNL.NET.IN
Wed Jun 7 06:02:30 UTC 2000

Dear Members,

Sa.msk.rta Sa.msk.rti Sa.m;sodhikaa, a research Institute established by
J~naanaprabodhinii, Pune has received a huge collection of works on
Raamaaya.na belonging to the late Shri. G. N. Sathe, Pune. The total
number of books is 1944 which include various editions of Vaalmiiki's
Raamaaya.na and other Raamaaya.nas in various languages and scripts,
their translations,  literary compositions based on the story of Raama,
modern works etc. The Institute is preparing a classified list of the
works in that collection,  for which it needs information on
bibliographies of Raamaaya.na prepared so far. You are requested to
supply the necessary  information. Thanks.
Shrikant Bahulkar
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