Help needed in Marathi spelling and pronunciation

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Subject: Re: Help needed in Marathi spelling and pronunciation
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 19:39:04 -0500

MD: The Peshwas were
Chitpavan Brahmins, migrants from the region of Konkan, and the dialects
of Marathi in Konkan to this day have more pronounced nasalization of

VA: And I might add that to this day, other Maharashtrians ridicule the
'Kobras' (Konkanastha Brahmins) of Sadashiv Peth, Narayan Peth, Kasba Peth
etc. for their overtly nasalized speech. I did a stereotypical imitation of
a 'Kobra' in a play in my college (at Pune). The Maharashtrians of Solapur,
Kolhapur, Aurangabad etc. do accept the Puneri Marathi as the standard
version and seem very pleased when they encounter someone from Pune, because
they get to hear the 'sweet Marathi' of Punekars.
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