Rising of the sea and other Migration myths

Paul Kekai Manansala kekai at JPS.NET
Fri Jan 21 19:32:20 UTC 2000

On Konrad's post about the rising sea levels, I am slowly working on a
book project entitled "The Churning of the Milky Ocean."

The book is meant for general audiences and deals, among other things,
with various origin traditions linked with the Milky Ocean, which by all
accounts I'm aware of is located to the east.

Here is an outline of the first four chapters:

Chapter I - The Milky Ocean
Begins with the popular Indian myth of the battle between the Devas and
Asuras for the nectar known as amrita. Explains how this appears to be a
reference to a natural disaster that resulted in mass migration.
Examples are given of how myths and legends are often history altered
for the purpose of story-telling.

Chapter II - The Language Trail
This chapter will delve into the linguistic clues provided by the
proposed Austric language family. The author offers a radical new
language relationship theory based on original research. Explained in a
style that will be easy for the average reader to comprehend.

Chapter III - India: From the Milky Ocean to Jambudvipa
Were semi-mythical beings of Indian mythology known as Nagas, Yakkas and
Rakshasas really references, at least in part, to real peoples? Who were
the original "Aryans?" These questions will be tackled in this chapter.

Chapter IV - Floating on the Sea of Milk: The Identity of the Ancient
Sumerians We will explore the author's theory regarding the origin of
this enigmatic people and the linguistic research he has done to solve
this puzzle.

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