Skt vocabulary for: Hail

Wed Jan 19 19:18:30 UTC 2000

Hello, Jonathan !

Actually, the source of my enquiry about hail was the
Kaa'syapa-parivarta -- I'm just finishing off a translation for
publication.   Given the importance of this early Mahayana text, I was
trying to determine whether there is any data in the text that might
help pinpoint its place of origin.  Like you, I have noted the
apparent disparity in meaning for the term "a'sani".  However, I
suspect that "hail" is the correct meaning here since Sthiramati's
commentary (both Tib & Ch) explains that this phenomenon causes wounds
or injuries -- lightning would, I imagine, normally result in death.

Since you are possibly also doing some work on the KP, do you have any
ideas about the identity of the "u.s.tra-dhuumaka" insect/worm ?

Best wishes,
Stephen Hodge

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