Skt vocabulary for: Hail

Jonathan Silk at YALE.EDU
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>Actually, the source of my enquiry about hail was the
>Kaa'syapa-parivarta -- I'm just finishing off a translation for
>publication.   Given the importance of this early Mahayana text, I was
>trying to determine whether there is any data in the text that might
>help pinpoint its place of origin.  Like you, I have noted the
>apparent disparity in meaning for the term "a'sani".  However, I
>suspect that "hail" is the correct meaning here since Sthiramati's
>commentary (both Tib & Ch) explains that this phenomenon causes wounds
>or injuries -- lightning would, I imagine, normally result in death.
>Since you are possibly also doing some work on the KP, do you have any
>ideas about the identity of the "u.s.tra-dhuumaka" insect/worm ?

well, .... actually I've been studying this text for about 15 years.
I have been preparing a new edition of the Skt, critical edition of
Tib + 5 (!) Chinese translations, English translation with extensive
notes (with G M Nagao)...  (+ plans to re-edit the Cy with full
parallels from the Yogacarabhumi)...  I'll look forward very much to
your translation, which I will study with care! (Where & when will it
be published?)

I agree with you that azani means hail here, although the word still
puzzles me.

As for our old friend camel-smoke, I'm stumped. Perhaps all I have to
add is that in BHSD Edgerton's indication that Das's Tib-Eng Dict
gives "full confirmation of the KP passage" is vitiated by the fact
that the Tib quoted by Das is the Tib trans of KP!

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