:-) Happy Pongal & Solution for India's language problem :-)

juergen neuss jneuss at ZEDAT.FU-BERLIN.DE
Mon Jan 17 13:06:12 UTC 2000

Why do all Indology-list members receive messages like the ones cited
below and where is their acadamic (or any other) value:

Bharat Gupt schrieb:
> Sudalaimuthu Palaniappan wrote:
> >
> > Happy Pongal everybody. On this Tamil festival day, I would like the members
> > to consider the following.
> >
> > Based on the recent and past discussions in Indology, I offer a solution to
> > the language problem in India. Given the multilingual ability of Indians, we
> > should make Tamil also an official/link language of India as well as a
> > classical language.......
> >
> > I request Vishalji and Bharatji to convince the Indian Government of the
> > merits of this solution. :-) :-)
> Many Happy Returns of Pongal/Makara Sankranti.
> Throroughly impressed and in agreement with the above solution, I visited my freinds at
> the headquarters of the BJP  and found them jubiliant at the prospects of capturing
> power in Tamil Nadu! Trusting the multilingual ability of Indians, they hoped that other
> states like Kerala and Bengal will also make such demands, which they will gladly
> concede and capture power there also.
> However, gettting the wind of matter from the NET, there also arrived on the scene
> activists of DMK and AIDMK, who insisted that NOT TAMIL ALSO, BUT TAMIL ONLY and NO
> HINDI should be the official/link language. Realising the need for DMK support at the
> Centre and apprehensive of the past habits of AIDMK, they decided to recommend that the
> Govt. appoints a "Tamil as Official Language Commission", for which I haved proposed
> that it be chaired by Sri Palaniappan and should comprise of Sri N Ganesan, Sri
> Swaminathan Madhuresan and some others. Let us all hope for the best.
> Bharat Gupt

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