:-) Happy Pongal & Solution for India's language problem :-)

Bharat Gupt abhinav at DEL3.VSNL.NET.IN
Sun Jan 16 22:01:34 UTC 2000

Sudalaimuthu Palaniappan wrote:
> Happy Pongal everybody. On this Tamil festival day, I would like the members
> to consider the following.
> Based on the recent and past discussions in Indology, I offer a solution to
> the language problem in India. Given the multilingual ability of Indians, we
> should make Tamil also an official/link language of India as well as a
> classical language.......
> I request Vishalji and Bharatji to convince the Indian Government of the
> merits of this solution. :-) :-)

Many Happy Returns of Pongal/Makara Sankranti.

Throroughly impressed and in agreement with the above solution, I visited my freinds at
the headquarters of the BJP  and found them jubiliant at the prospects of capturing
power in Tamil Nadu! Trusting the multilingual ability of Indians, they hoped that other
states like Kerala and Bengal will also make such demands, which they will gladly
concede and capture power there also.

However, gettting the wind of matter from the NET, there also arrived on the scene
activists of DMK and AIDMK, who insisted that NOT TAMIL ALSO, BUT TAMIL ONLY and NO
HINDI should be the official/link language. Realising the need for DMK support at the
Centre and apprehensive of the past habits of AIDMK, they decided to recommend that the
Govt. appoints a "Tamil as Official Language Commission", for which I haved proposed
that it be chaired by Sri Palaniappan and should comprise of Sri N Ganesan, Sri
Swaminathan Madhuresan and some others. Let us all hope for the best.
Bharat Gupt

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