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Ramadas [SMTP:dasa at ONE.NET.AU] skrev 12. januar 2000 01:21:
>Is it that, in your opinion, the invading hordes were all male, they all
made concubines of every native female they encountered, all native males
were eliminated, and in this way the DNA of the invaders was watered down to
insignificance in an incredibly short period of time?

>If so, this appears to be a very opportunistic way to try and bolster your

If I may but in: It is a well-known practice of war in ancient times to regard
the enemy's women as part of the booty. The Aryans that entered India
undoubtedly brought their own women, but that did not stop them from mixing
genes with local women whereever they went. Local women could probably be
acquired in several ways - not only as booty - but the consequences for the
gene pool will have been marked after a couple of centuries.

I think it is reasonable to assume that the Indo-Iranians that left the
Urheimat (whereever that was) about 2200-2000 BCE may have looked somewhat
differently from the ones that entered India some time around 1700 BCE. They
met a lot of women on their way. By the time they entered India, they may not
have been very different from everybody else in the area.

But then, we can only speculate.

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