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Wed Jan 12 12:11:50 UTC 2000

So-- how did the IA languages develop in South Asia/Central
Asia/Europe without any population transfer of significance between

Put another way, since the transfer -did- occur, the question is,
extrapolating from these data, what is the maximum number of
"Indo-Aryan"/Caucasian people entering into the South Asian
bloodstream which would account for the figures shown, at various
alternative dates?

That number would tell you how many people it took to bring about
the IA language changes.  If it is a small number and relatively
recent (a few thousands of years), then it would seem unlikely, from
a social mechanics point of view, that so vast a group of changes
could have come about through peaceful integration of nomadic herders
and farmers.  Something more violently upsetting to the power and
cultural framework would be required. The IAs, despite their small
numbers, had a transforming influence on South Asian culture and
languages.  A collision of cultures, perhaps?

D. Anthony, Horse, wagon, and chariot: IE languages and
archaeology, Antiquity, Sep. 1995, gives a good working model on
the IE expansion via Elite Dominance. Relevent portions were provided
on 5 Jan 1999, "Language change to IA". (Indology archives.)

Earlier, S. Palaniappan gave an interesting Indian example.
Malayalam is created in the last few centuries mainly by the
tiny elite caste of Nambudiris (about 0.5% in 1931 Kerala).
Pl. see his 13 Feb. 1998 posting, "Re: Origin of Dravidian languages".
Also, 20 June 1998, "Re: Tampering with history".

Within few centuries, by a very tiny elite populace, Malayalam
is created out of Tamil; Parallely,  3-5 % ethnic Aryans with archery,
chariots & new type of religion would have worked wonders in about
3 millennia.

The exact percentage of entering/invading Aryans will be provided
by genetics in the future. So far, the sample sizes and regional/caste
examples are pretty small.

Guestimate is total of 3-6% of migrating Aryans. Any other numbers??

N. Ganesan

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