What part of India is Dravidian?

Rajarshi Banerjee rajarshi.banerjee at SMGINC.COM
Mon Jan 10 20:17:40 UTC 2000

The notion of a tall fair aryan is unscintific and only found in indian
school books. We should remember that 100 yrs ago the dutch were the
shortest people of europe. They are now the tallest in the world. height is
a rather fluid parameter in most human populations except for pygmies who
are naturally short.

Its simlistic to say that dravidians are dark and that north indians are
dark because they have dravidian genes. Is there anything like a dravidian
race I thought it was a language group. Assuming that the original dravidian
speakers spread from west asia, they could easily have been lighter than the
resident indians.

One of the darkest persons I know is from sindh who has very aquiline
features. In  darkness he beats many african americans leave alone indians.
Speaking as a person who sometimes makes portraits, I see underlying
resemblences in facial features in all indians that are lowly correlated
with darkness of skin. One of them could be described as so called caucasian
type features There are also features we dont find in any populations
outside of India.

But one of the more remarkable resemblences we share with populations
outside of India is the one with native australians. It is less prominent
but quite pervasive. This is surprising since south-east asia is populated
by melanesians and mongoloid types today who show less traces of australoid

Someone should do mtDNA studies of  aboriginal australians and Indians to
assess genetic distance.

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