RV 10.23.1 & Lubotsky

John Robert Gardner jrgardn at EMORY.EDU
Sun Jan 9 03:16:38 UTC 2000

My thanks to V. Rao for the reply-- any guesses as to why this i/umlaut
was done with ma'tsi no va'syai:STaya are welcome.

One more question.  For RV 10.23.1, my e-copy of Lubotsky adds "ho~ud"
(with the tilde over the o) at the end of 10.23.1c which otherwise is:

        pra' zma;zaru do'dhuvad Urdhva'thA bhu~d (from Van Nooten/Holland)

Is this in other folks' Lubotsky?  Electronic or otherwise?  Or did it
creep in to my file by processing?

thanks in advance,


John Robert Gardner
Emory University
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