CARB fonts: proposed character set

Jean Fezas jean.fezas at WANADOO.FR
Fri Jan 7 09:10:34 UTC 2000

At 14:28 06/01/00 -0500, you wrote:
>What a wonderful idea!  Thank you for adding this supplement to the CSX+
>I'm sorry, but I missed your earlier announcement.   I hope it is not too
>late to
>add these 16 characters:
>For rendering Bengali transliteration:
>and their capitalized versions
>Many, many thanks.  -- Rachel McDermott

         I wonder what would be the use of such new "characters", mixing
nagari (candrabindu or pseudo umlaut) and roman. I suppose that the
standard transcription of nasalized vowels, short or long, is the addition
of a superscript "tilde".
         Otherwise, as a diacritical mark, very similar to an "umlaut", is
used alternatively with the candrabindu to mark nasalized vowels in
Nepalese manuscripts, I would be very happy to add six more characters to
the proposed set : a macron umlaut, i macron umlaut, u macron umlaut and
the corresponding capitals...


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