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Without explicitly mentioning Sankara, the passage cited (2.2.27) does
say that the arguments against the (Yogacara) doctrine of 'perception
only' (i.e., the unreality of subject and object) have already been
dealt with in connection with the refutation of 'crypto-Buddhism in
the guise of Vedic teachings' (vedavaadacchadmapracchannabauddha) --
obviously Advaita.

There is also a supposed Padmapurana passage making use of this term:
maayaavaadam asacchaastra.m prachannabauddham ucyate, etc. However,
I have only seen these lines quoted in modern, apologetic Vaishnava
texts; I can't say whether they are really there in the Purana MSS.

Mr. Mani Varadarajan's statement in this list may have to be revised:
 >Just FYI, Ramanujacharya never referred to Sankara or his philosophy
 >of nirviSesha advaita as "prachanna bauddha".  Although Vedanta
 >Desika (a 14th century Visistadvaitin) uses the term at least once,
 >it is primarily a favorite of the Dvaitin AnandatIrtha and his

Grateful to see if the Padmapurana quote is in the purana itself,
N. Ganesan

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