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Likewise my study, "Hair like Snakes and Mustached Brides: Crossed Gender in
an Indian Folk Cult," in A. Hiltebeitel and Barbara D. Miller, eds., Hair: Its
Power and Meaning in Asian Cultures. SUNY Press 1998. Pp. 143-76.

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>Those interested in pursuing the very common Indian theme of gender
>transformation in religious, mythological, and other contexts might like to
>look at my paper on this topic, "Transsexualism, Gender and Anxiety in
>Traditional India."  Journal of the American Oriental Society. Vol.113,.
>no. 3. 1993 pp. 374-401 in which I discuss a number of examples of the
>><<I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Tamil legend of Siva disguising
>>himself as a vaiSya woman and breast-feeding a child, thereby becoming a
>>mother. Hence he is called tAyumAnavar (he who also became a mother),
>>Sanskritized as mAtRbhUta. There is a temple in Trichy dedicated to Siva
>>Interesting. Can you direct me to the texual source (preferably along
>>with translated edition) of this myth?
>>Thanking you in anticipation.
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