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Those interested in pursuing the very common Indian theme of gender
transformation in religious, mythological, and other contexts might like to
look at my paper on this topic, "Transsexualism, Gender and Anxiety in
Traditional India."  Journal of the American Oriental Society. Vol.113,.
no. 3. 1993 pp. 374-401 in which I discuss a number of examples of the

><<I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Tamil legend of Siva disguising
>himself as a vaiSya woman and breast-feeding a child, thereby becoming a
>mother. Hence he is called tAyumAnavar (he who also became a mother),
>Sanskritized as mAtRbhUta. There is a temple in Trichy dedicated to Siva
>Interesting. Can you direct me to the texual source (preferably along
>with translated edition) of this myth?
>Thanking you in anticipation.
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