Evils of Written Vedas? (apology for cross-posting)

Tarek Wani tarekwani at USA.COM
Fri Feb 18 18:18:04 UTC 2000

Further to Madhav Deshpande's posting, the Atharvaveda
19.72.1 alludes to getting the Vedic book from a chest
(koza). The injunction against writing must be properly
deconstructed: It only means that the student should
not use the written text as a crutch, and commit it to memory.

Deconstruction also requires that words like pApa not
be simplistically translated to evil. `pApa" is
whatever is contingent on the body. The idea of learning
Veda is to rise above such contingence and
learning to be independent of the written text was a
part of that training.


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