Information Request

Vidya Kamat davinci at VSNL.COM
Wed Feb 16 16:56:46 UTC 2000

<<Dear Vidya Kamat,
I translate the ParAtriMshikA as stating that the ideal of Yoga is to
androgyny as exemplifed by Rudra. The yogi becomes a yogini because of
releasing the lower feminine power. The Hathayoga pradipika describes
kanda as the source of feminine power that does feminize.  Breasts may
become the outer manifesting of this higher power.
Bob Peck>>

Dear Prof.Peck,
Your tip is very valuable. I shall go through the text for more details.

The thrust of my query is focused on the area where a male divinity
appropriates the female organ ( i.e.breasts).

It appears to be an ancient mythological construct. In RV SarasVAn is
said to have breasts so does the Egyptian river god HApi who is clearly
depicted with breast. Both the gods are river/water gods.

I was just curious to know if there were  any other references  to male
god acquiring breasts and the contexts in which this occurs.


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