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Himanshu Dave hbd at DDIT.ERNET.IN
Wed Feb 16 05:51:47 UTC 2000

Bob Peck wrote:

> ....  The yogi becomes a yogini because of
> releasing the lower feminine power.

Please see ardhanArInarezvara below.

> The Hathayoga pradipika describes the
> kanda

some people believe that Kanda refers to Prostate gland, possibly due to a
procedure known as kandapidana (stimulating kanda).

> as the source of feminine power

are you talking about Kundalini?

> that does feminize.

If you mean by this that the Yogi loses interest in sex, it may be acceptable,
but not if you mean physical feminization.


> Breasts may then
> become the outer manifesting of this higher power.

About what Vidya wrote :

> From: Vidya Kamat <davinci at VSNL.COM>
> Date: Tuesday, February 15, 2000 5:04 AM
> Subject: Information request
> >Dear List Members,
> ... ... ...
> >the concepts regarding male breasts as in the case of SarasvAN, who is
> >described as having breasts.
> >
> >Once during a conversation, Dr.S.A.Dange (who passed away in October
> >1999), mentioned that Siva is said to have breasts according to a myth.

By any chance you are not talking about ArdhanArInarezvara, because if so, then
it is very clear. It has philosophical significance.

> >However I have not been able to trace the source of his information. I
> >would like to know if any of the list members have any idea of this
> >source.
> >
> >I had also seen a miniature painting showing Siva holding two jars in
> >place of his breasts. I do not know if this image is in any way a
> >reference to the same myth.

You might have seen a minature painting of Dhanvantari (Azvinau), because that
dual god is generally shown with a jar of Oshadhi (medicines?). Indian
iconographers would show breast as breats, they did not have any inhibitions.
Best wishes,
-- Himanshu Dave

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