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Recitation of anusvaara (or often, anunnaasika, as per Vedic school) before
y ,r, l, v, z, S, s, h varies greatly over all parts of the subcontinent
according to school and region.

Details on anunasika pronunciation (often ghu~, but also  ga, or g*,  where
* = schwa) in:

* Anunasika in medieval Veda tradition. (Materials on Vedic Sakhas 3) IIJ
25, 1983, 190.
<<Including representation in manuscripts, and recitation, with some
materials from Nepal to Madras>>

* for several Vedic  texts, see (with an endless array of misprints, better
ask the author for a fresh copy):

On some unknown systems of marking the Vedic accents. Vishvabandhu
Commemoration Volume = Vishveshvaranand  Indological Journal  12,  1974,

cf. also:  this paper for Gujarat, Maharastra :

* Materialien zu den vedischen Schulen: I. Ueber die Caraka-Schule. Studien
zur Indologie und Iranistik, StII, 8/9, 1982, 171-240

for Kashmir see:

* Kashmiri Manuscripts and Pronunciation. In: Ikari, Y. (ed.) A study of
the Nilamata - Aspects of Hinduism in Ancient Kashmir -.  Kyoto: Institute
for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University  1994, 1-53

for Orissa see:

*   Die muendliche Tradition der Paippaladins von Orissa. Festgabe fuer K.
Hoffmann, I. = Muenchener Studien zur Sprachwissenschaft, MSS, 44, 1985,

and cf.:

*  Die Atharvaveda-Tradition und die Paippalada-Samhita. ZDMG,
Supplementband VI, (XXII. Deutscher Orientalistentag, Tuebingen,  March
1983),  Stuttgart 1985, 256-271

Hope that helps. MW

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