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Dear list members,

On Feb. 7 I posted a query to the list "Realization of anusvAra in Vedic
Recitation" trying to find out the reasons for the differences in recitation
between two tapes of the Rudram from the taittiriya samhita.

Tape A by a Brahmin priest from the town Satara in Maharashtra recites
anusvAra before sibilants, r and h as [ga] (with some exceptions detailed in
my posting of Feb. 7).

Tape B recites anusvAra before sibilants, r and h as [gum] (with a very few
exceptions detailed in my posting of Feb. 7).

To complicate matters a chanting book in roman transliteration which
explicitly writes in the recitation of anusvAra (i.e. it writes  ga_NAnA"M
tvA ga_Napa'tigum havAmahe for ga_NAnA"M tvA ga_Napa'tiM havAmahe etc.)and
it agrees exactly with tape B but in the introduction it says it was made
from recitations by the Brahmin priest who produced tape A (and one other
Brahmin priest).

Again to complicate matters Wayne Howard in "Vedic Recitation in Varanasi"
says that anusvAra before sibilants and r is recited as [ghuM] in the
mAdhyandina yajur veda school but makes no mention about anusvAra in the
taittiriya samhita school.

Any information (no matter how elementary) any list members knowledgable
about vedic recitation can give me will be useful.  Such as:

How is anusvAra recited in the taittiriya samhita school?

Is the difference in recitation of anusvAra between tapes A and B which I've
detailed above (with more details in my posting of Feb. 7) within the range
of regional variations (if there is such a thing) of recitation within the
taittiriya samhita school or because of some other reason?

Many thanks in advance,

Harry Spier
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