ashvamedha--to eat or not to eat?

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Michael Witzel wrote:

> >Prof. H.B. Dave:
> > at least in RigVeda and
> >YajurVeda, the meaning of the word Ashva is not "Horse" that is an animal. It
> >has entirely different meaning. Without access to that meaning any discussion
> >that we notice in this list is futile.
> May I ask: what is azva ?
> a mushroom? or an ass?
> MW.

Neither. Please bear with me. I shall try to explain. If you are ready to print a
PostScript file (about 20 pages) I can send you my paper "A New Approach to
Interpretation of Vedas" presented at 39th All India Oriental Conference, October
1998, Baroda, India, which should explain. It contains all Sanskrit terms in
Devanagari script.
-- Himanshu

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