Oedipus in Sanskrit?

Tue Feb 8 17:20:47 UTC 2000

Lance Cousins wrote:
> This was done by Velikovsky. But I was not aware that it had been
> forward seriously outside of the context of his entertaining but
> quite fanciful theories.

While it is true that some of Velikovsky's theories can now be
discarded as fanciful but perhaps not all his ideas need be dismissed
so lightly -- his book on Akhenaten and Oedipus is fairly
straightforward and free from some of his other more outre theories.
You may be unaware of the events that transpired in the 50s that
resulted in his being hounded out of academic circles by a cabal of
conservative anti-semitic scholars who did their best to discredit his
theories.   A bit reminiscent of AIT contraversies.  He wasn't a
complete lunatic but was actually one of the leading founders of the
University of Jerusalem.   It seems that sometimes the baby gets
thrown out with the bathwater !  It is also noteworthy that several of
his key ideas have become somewhat more respectable -- the asteriod
collisions causing the demise of the dinosaurs and more importantly
his arguments for recalibrating Egyptian and hence most of Middle
Eastern Chronology -- an area that is also of relevence to Indoology
scholars.  You must be aware that there are several scholars who have
argued the need for extensive revision of Egyptian chronology though
often without acknowledging Velikovsky's contribution.

Best wishes,
Stephen Hodge

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