Oedipus in Sanskrit?

Rajarshi Banerjee rajarshi.banerjee at SMGINC.COM
Tue Feb 8 17:26:33 UTC 2000

Just wanted to point out some similarities.

A son is born to shiva and parvati when she playfully covers his third eye
and the world is engulfed in darkness. Andhaka is born in this period of
blindness/darkness( hence the name )

After his freakish birth and because of his mishappen appearance he is
abandoned by his parents. He grows up and becomes a powerful king and
becomes handsome. He sees pArvati in a chance encounter, wants to make her
his queen and comes into conflict with his own father. He never knows that
shiva and parvati are his own parents, till after his defeat. He is now
filled with remorse. Shiva impales andhaka on his trident and holds him up
to the sun to burn away his sins and he shrivels back to his former self.

In both stories there are obvious parallels including repentance and
suffering. In the greek myth oedipus goes blind. Is that and the name
andhaka a coincidence? I dont know if there are other versions of this myth.

regards R banerjee

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