Text of a Song in Praise of Sanskrit

Shrikant Bahulkar bahulkar at PN2.VSNL.NET.IN
Tue Feb 8 05:57:28 UTC 2000

Dear Shri. Tilak,

The beautiful song you mentioned was composed by Dr. G. B. Palsule  many years
ago when he was working in Deccan College. It has been a practice in Pune and
elsewhere to sing this song in praise of the Sanskrit language on the occasion
of the National Sanskrit Day. I shall request one of those ladies who usually
sing the song to prepare an audio cassette and send it to you along with the

Shrikant Bahulkar
B. L. Centre of Sanskrit and Asian Studies
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Shrinivas Tilak wrote:

>     In recent years I have noticed that a typical "Annual Sanskrit Day"
> function in Pune begins and/or ends with a song in praise of Sanskrit. The
> beginning words of the song are: pravahatAm samskRta mandAkinI...
>     Can anyone on this list supply the text of this song, which I believe
> was composed by Professor Kashikar? (It is not very long). On one such
> occasion I suggested to the lady who sang it to make it available as an
> audio casette. If it is now so available where could I buy it?
>     Thanks,
>     S.Tilak, 4-642 Watt St. Winnipeg, MB, Canada R2K 2S5
>     (204) 669 4957
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