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Dear Indologists,
Last year the following book was published:

Title: Violence denied: violence, non-violence and the rationalization of
violence in South-Asian cultural history.

Edited by: Jan E.M. Houben and K.R. van Kooij

Henk W. Bodewitz: Hindu ahimsaa and its roots.
Lambert L. Schmithausen: Aspects of the Buddhist attitude towards war.
Danielle Feller: Ranayajna: the Mahabharata war as a sacrifice.
Jan E.M. Houben: To kill or not to kill the sacrificial animal (yajna-pasu)?
arguments and perspectives in Brahminical ethical philosophy.
Robert J. Zydenbos: Jainism as the religion of non-violence.
Roy E. Jordaan & Robert Wessing: Construction sacrifice in India, "seen from
the east".
Karel R. van Kooij: Iconography of the battlefield: the case of
Pieter C. Verhagen: Expressions of violence in Buddhist Tantric mantras.
Jos Gommans: The embarrassment of political violence in Europe and South
Asia, c. 1100-1800.
Victor A. van Bijlert: Nationalism and violence in colonial India:
Theo Damsteegt: Violent heroines: Ajneya and violence.

Price ca. 95 euro/115 US$.

More information at:

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Kern Institute, Leiden University,
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