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Bhadraiah Mallampalli [SMTP:vaidix at HOTMAIL.COM] skrev 30. desember 2000
> Many sanskrit words evolved into local languages with different meanings.
> The word "kAm" means "desire" in sanskrit and Telugu, but in Hindi it
> "work".

Just a footnote: Hindi "kAm" is not connected with skt. kAma ("desire") but
with karma "work".

> I also suspect any reckless relation (of Urdhvaretas etc, done by some
> people) to soma. As per "Carrying forward of agni and soma" in A.B., soma
> intricately linked to vAc, and vAc is related to somatic nervous system;
> this is an important bench mark. (Please note the IE parallel between
> "soma" and "somatic".)

Again, a misunderstanding: Vedic soma is related to the root su = "press",
whereas Greek sOma / sOmatos means "body" and is unrelated to su.

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