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>I would suggest that those who want to comment on the "native"
>rebuttal should first read both Kripal's book and the essay in

Many sanskrit words evolved into local languages with different meanings.
The word "kAm" means "desire" in sanskrit and Telugu, but in Hindi it means
"work". The word "udyog" means "higher position" in sanskrit, "employment"
in telugu, and "industry or factory" in Hindi. Words borrowed from Skt can
mean anything depending on local language.

As for gestures, if one goes to Hyderabad (AP), men hug each other warmly in
friendship, which can mean quite something in the west.

Off topic:

>Re: Sivalinga and Viagra,

I was having fun (sorry!). The human body is an integrated organic entity,
and every part affects every other part. So one can takeup any data and
prove anything, like we can do in Indology.

tantrA may have its own theology about retas. But I suspect efforts that
relate every pelvic meditation to sex. The pelvic region is a very complex
mesh of nerves, and many other non-sexual entities are associated with it.
By the way the symptoms explained for Urdhvaretas are no way related to sex,
they seem to match my explanation of udAna which has nothing to do with sex,
but will have an impact on it as everything is related.

I also suspect any reckless relation (of Urdhvaretas etc, done by some
people) to soma. As per "Carrying forward of agni and soma" in A.B., soma is
intricately linked to vAc, and vAc is related to somatic nervous system;
this is an important bench mark. (Please note the IE parallel between vedic
"soma" and "somatic".)

Best Regards
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