sa.mkiir.naa -- any examples?

Dmitri dmitris at PIPELINE.COM
Wed Dec 27 20:01:52 UTC 2000

Thanks for the reply, SuryaPrakash Sharma -- now I know better what I am
looking for.

An example of such riddle is a Sphynx question:
"Who walks in the morning on four legs, in the afternoon on two and in the
evening on three?"

What I am looking for is an example of ancient (about 500 BCE) riddle in
Sanskrit (or any other language of ancient India), based on words having
several meanings and, if possible, on two ways of splitting an untterance
into words.

Is there such riddle, used in works on phylosophy, grammar, rhetoric?
I would appreciate a complete example.

Best regards, Dmitri.

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