The word "NArAyaNa"

Narayan R.Joshi giravani at JUNO.COM
Thu Dec 21 16:09:20 UTC 2000

There was discussion on the origin of the word "NArAyaNA".I believe the
component "ayana" from the word "NArAyaNA" has the same meaning (amplitude
of cyclical excursions)in other words. Here are examples:
2)Samayana(Sam+  )=synchronizing
3)Aayana(Aa+ )=excursion to this side
4)Vyayana(Vi+ayana)=excusion to other(or opposite) side
5)SAyana(Sa+  )=with Ayana degrees (~23.5)
6)Nirayana(Ni.h+ )=without Ayana degrees
7)UttarAyaNa=excursion to north
8)DaxiNAyaNa=excursion to south
9)Udayana(Ut+  )=rising
10)AstAyana(Asta+  )=setting
11)Anvayana(Anu+  )=syntaxing
12)Pratyayana(Prati+  )=process of attaching "Pratyaya"
13)UpAyana(Upa+  )=extended ayana
14)ApAyana(Apa+  )=shorted ayana
15)AvAyana(Ava+  )=localized ayana
16)ParAyaNa(Para+  )=beyond normal amplitude,well trained
17)PArAyaNa(PAra+ )=repeat from one end to other
18)Cayana(C+  )=chewing
19)Dayana(D+ )=diving
20)Nayana(N+  )=navigating
21)Valayana(Val+ )=coiling like a mechanical spring
22)Layana(L+ )=decrease in amplitude
23)Shayana(Sh+  )=go to bed
24)DanAyana(Dhana+ )=anion
25)>RiNAyaNA(>RiNa+ )=cation
26)RasAyana(Rasa+ )=ionized solution
27)RAmAyaNA(RAma+  )=RAma went to LankA and returned to AyodhA.
28)KrishNAyana-Unfortunately it did not happen. He did not come back to
The pair Nara(Human being) and NArAyaNA(The GOD)occurs in the ancient
scriptures of India. Does the component "Ayana"has similar meaning in the
word "NArAYaNa". Does not Nara try repeated excursions before he reaches
NArAyaNa? Long ago I was afraid that one day a linguistic scholar will
write an article telling that originally the word was "FArAyaNa" in some
proto-language. Now I know at least in the past 4000 years (2500 yrs of
known history+1500 yrs before that when Aryan-Dravidian handshake took
place)my name "NArAyaNA" remained unchanged against the onslaught of the
linguistic entropy.Thanks.

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