On the name Pitchumani

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> I haven't seen it related to S'iva at all (perhaps you are thinking of the
>  bhikSATana-mUrti motif)...

Yes. For instance ziva is often called piccan2. For example,

meyc ciram aNaiccu ulakil niccam iTu piccai amar piccan2 iTam Am

Moreover, ziva who is called a mad man (pittan2) by cuntarar is supposed to
dance with madness (piccu) as given below.

piccu ATal pEyOTu ukantAy pORRi piRavi aRukkum pirAn2E pORRi (tEv.6.55.2)

> From what I have been told, zrIvaiSNavas avoid names resembling zaivite
names. That is why it was interesting for me to learn that even orthodox
zrIvaiSNavas have the name pitchumani/pichumani with a possibility of
(mistaken?) association with ziva.

 it is merely to ward off evil in general that a
>  child is given this name,  and in particular a child is given this name
>  the parents have lost their earlier children somehow.

Yes.  Love for the child seems to overcome any zrIvaiSNava misgivings about
potential association with zaivism. But the love of parents irrespective of
sectarian affiliation also seems to cheat the evil forces by sneaking in a
very positive "gem" to attach to the apparently unattractive facade presented
by "pictchu/pichu/piccu".

S. Palaniappan

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