Dravidian origins

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Tue Dec 19 14:56:36 UTC 2000

 Vanbakkam Vijayaraghavan <vijay at VOSSNET.CO.UK> wrote:
>Why look for presumably western endowments.? Parties calling
>themselves 'dravidian' have been in existence for half a century with the
>public exchequer in their control.'Dravidian' varsities have been
>established, dozens have immolated themselves with petrol in an imagined
>attempt to 'save' Tamil and millions have been moved to think positively
>of 'dravidian' languages.
>If all this does not help Dravidian studies, why depend upon western

 ""Why look for western endowments?"" - In the same vein,
 "why look for jobs in England or America?, why look for
 medicine, planes, ... from the west?"

 Didn't you read the recent discussions on how the humanities
 research is linked to the library reources?, In India the
 libraries are poorly funded, and many universities spend
 their money on administrative staff (running into 100s of peons, ...)
 Eg. Tamil university in Tanjore does not publish anything for
 a decade or so, and bankrupt financially. I don't how
 Sanskrit university at Kanchi or Kaladi is doing, they are
 too recent to know how they fare in the long run. But
 many are on the verge of collapse, the euhemeist Malti Shendge
 says Indology is stagnant. We need both Indians and foriegners
 to make it dynamic.

 Regarding the usage of library resources needed to write in this
 scholarly forum, an example of the non-use of Indological resources:

 Since joining this list about a month ago, you write against
the western scholarship and christian missionaries working in India.
Scholarship knows no national borders, and this will become
increasingly clear for anyone studying the relevant publications.


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