rAjalIlAsana in Cambodia?

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Dec 18 00:59:07 UTC 2000

N. Ganesan wrote:
Cambodia had a King Mahendravarman almost at the same time
as Pallava Mahendravarman. Their titles were citrasEna and
citrakArapuli respectively. Jean Boisselier says Khmer
art was highly influenzed from the art of South India.
Hence, my question:
In Cambodia, have any avalokitezvara and/or Shiva sitting in
rAjalIlAsana ever found??

Ven. Tantra wrote:
>I see the apparent connection you draw, but could not
>"Mahendra" simply have been a popular royal name for
>the period?

Apart from the fact that we find mahendra malai in Tamil country
also, the Tamil transcription of Mahendra mountain as "Mayentiram"
found in tamil Saivaite texts (eg. TiruvAcakam) and famous Saivaite
sites (eg. MayentirappaLLi) sung in 7th century Tevaram and the
corresponding transcription into Chinese and Cambodian from tamil
"Mayentiram" in the 5th century gives us a clue of the geographical

Mahendravarman of the Pallava dynasty, was a famous monarch. Who
are the other kings with "Mahendra" in their name that you mention?

N. Ganesan

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