SV: Harappan Euhemerus

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Sun Dec 17 12:44:04 UTC 2000

Hello Steve,

here is an aside (off-list). You may be interested to know that Thor
Heyerdahl, of Kon-Tiki fame, recently has come up with a project trying to
prove that Odin was a Central Asiatic chieftain who migrated with his
people from Azov (compare Aesir) to Scandinavia. In this theory, he is
following Snorri Sturluson to the letter. Being a Great Man, he has managed
to secure funding for going to Azov in order to dig out our Norse
forefathers, linking Odin to the Udin people. Unfortunately, he has been
the victim of exactly the same kind of arrogant, snotty treatment that our
innovative hindutva friends and Shendge have to suffer from obsolete
academic professional. So far several articles have been published in
Aftenposten, the country's largest newspaper, by Heyerdahl and the Academic
Meanies. The Shendges of this world are not alone!

Lars Martin

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