Graffitists (was: Violence in Indian historical process)

Ven. Tantra troyoga at YAHOO.COM
Sun Dec 17 05:11:24 UTC 2000

V. Sundaresan: "Sometimes, ivory towers are useful...I
think the inhabitants need to get out more."

B. Kaldhol: "...please remember that when you send
something to this list, it will be there in the
archive forever..."

As future debates continue to blow up and as we find
ourselves embroiled in argumentation long saut�ed in
rich cultural chauvinisms, we should also look forward
to the familiar reappearance of anonymous contributors
who plainly covet no concern for anybody's posterity.
And though the interest of this new-generation poster
may be likened to that of the urban graffitist, one
must not misinterpret their forceful gestures as a
mere avocation in denigrating public space � No, but
to render it sacred � these cursive swipes that trash
fiasco. I actually find it rather Twombly-esque, this
spray can version of chalk on Roman distemper, as our
self-absorbed list becomes curtly remodeled on the
palimpsest � indeed, a textbook case of the
"out-of-touch" getting unceremoniously touch over.


Ref: R. Hughes, "The Graffiti of Loss"

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