publication of IASS papers on CDROM

Robert Zydenbos zydenbos at GMX.LI
Fri Dec 15 18:27:00 UTC 2000

Am 12 Dec 2000 schrieb Gunthard Mueller:

> (2.1) Adobe Acrobat (PDF files) PDF files include everything,
> including fonts. [...] This format is a derivative of PostScript,
> which is an indispensable part of many operating systems, so this
> technology is safe and here to stay. The Acrobat writer software is
> widely available and low-cost. Probably your  institute already
> has a license, I would guess.

There was a bit of discussion about this on another list recently. If
you work with Linux or FreeBSD, the Acrobat writer software is not
even necessary for producing PDFs. You write your text (with
StarOffice, TeX, anything), but instead of printing it on paper you
print it to a PostScript file. With the free program "ps2pdf" this can
be converted to the PDF format.

In that other discussion, it was mentioned that also under Windows
it should be possible to generate PDF's using the LaTeX
distribution for Windows called 'MikTeX.'


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