Book announcement: First publication from the BMSC Project

Jonathan Silk at YALE.EDU
Fri Dec 15 16:16:43 UTC 2000

I forward here the announcment of a new publication. I myself have
seen a copy, and can assure our Indological colleagues--those
interested in philology, anyway, rather than polemics--that this is a
book you will want to have. If nothing else, the very names of the
contributors guarantee the highest quality.

Please also make sure that your library orders a copy; the
continuation of the series very much depends on the success of vol. 1
(I mean commercially; the scholarly success is assured).

The book can be ordered through the email included in the message below:

>Dear list members,
>We are pleased to announce that the first publication from the BMSC (Buddhist
>Manuscripts in the Schoyen Collection) Project has just been released as
>"Manuscripts in the Schoyen Collection-1 (Buddhist Manuscripts, Vol.1)",
>Ed. by Jens Braarvig (general ed.), Jens-Uwe Hartmann, Kazunobu Matsuda
>and Lore Sander, Hermes Publishing (Oslo 2000), pp.328 + 40 color plates.
>Contents and Contributors to this volume:
>1. The 8,000 lines Prajnaparamita in Kusana Brahmi script (L. Sander)
>2. Camgi-sutra of the Mahasamghika in Gupta Brahmi script (Torkel Brekke)
>3. Mahayanasutras in Gupta Brahmi script:
>   3-1. Srimaladevi-simhanada-nirdesa-sutra (K. Matsuda)
>   3-2. Mahayana version of Pravarana-sutra (K. Matsuda)
>   3-3. Sarva-dharma-apravritti-nirdesa-sutra (J. Braarvig)
>   3-4. Ajatasatru-kaukrtya-vinodana-sutra (Paul Harrison & J.-U. Hartmann)
>4. Fragments from the Asoka Legend in Gupta Brahmi script (Klaus Wille)
>5. Pratimoksa-Vibhanga of the Mahasamghika-Vinaya in Gilgit/Bamiyan
>     Type I script (Seishi Karashima)
>6. Gandhari version of Mahaparinirvana-sutra (Agama MPS) in Kharosthi
>     script (Mark Allon & Richard Salomon)
>7. A Bactrian Buddhist Manuscript (Nicholas Sims-Williams)
>     A Paleographical Analysis of the Brahmi Manuscripts in this
>     Volume (L. Sander)
>The Schoyen Collection, Norway, has recently acquired over
>10,000 fragments of Buddhist manuscripts from Bamiyan Valley, Afghanistan.
>In order to study and publish these fragments, the BMSC project was formed.
>This is the first result of the project.
>The volume can be ordered from the publisher by e-mail <hermesac at>,
>or contact Professor Jens Braarvig directly (the price is US$ 90
>plus postage).
>The next volume is expected in two years.
>With best wishes from BMSC Project members:
>Prof. Jens Braarvig (Oslo): jens.braarvig at
>Prof. Jens-Uwe Hartmann (Munich): juhartmann at
>Prof. Kazunobu Matsuda (Kyoto): matsuda at
>Dr. Lore Sander (Berlin): lore.sander at

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