Violence in Indian historical process

Akhilesh Jha hindu108 at YAHOO.COM
Fri Dec 15 10:57:13 UTC 2000

--- George Thompson <GthomGt at CS.COM> wrote:
> In reply to all those who did not like my response
> to Subrahmanya:
> Your battles are not my battles.


No problem with that. But then please refrain from
passing comments or judgements on others' battles.

> The point is that while I am indeed interested in
> Indian antiquity [i.e.,Indology as defined by this
> list] I am not at all interested in your
> closed-minded, religious, nationalist, and often
> racist, versions of it.

These are needless and erroneous judgements. Who are
you to declare others version "closed-minded and
racist"? Why should you then object when others call
your version as colonial, obsolete, biased, recist and

> To insist, as I have done, that this is a scholarly
> list, is to insist that
> its members be open-minded, critical not only of
> one's enemies but especially
> of oneself, and to insist also that all members be
> disciplined enough to
> submit well-informed and well-reasoned posts.
> Furthermore, it is to insist
> that all members be prepared to yield to the
> well-informed and well-reasoned
> arguments.of one's interlocutors.

Practice what you preach.

>  Subrahmanya has never shown any
> inclination to do any of that.  He is all bluster,
> no substance.

Yet another judgement coming from ivory towers. Mean
actions soon after preaching great words!

> I am willing and prepared to argue, vigorously, with
> any of you about the
> scholarly matters that matter to me.  But I am not
> willing to waste my
> efforts on your petty and ultimately vicious
> religious wars.

Nobody is forcing you to read anything and respond to
that. Use DELETE botton and step aside from what you
are not interested in.


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