Violence in Indian historical process

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Bhalchandrarao C Patwardhan <kurundwadsenior at WMINET.NET> wrote:
The Shringeri Mutt was indeed looted by Raghunathrao Nilkanth, but the
motive was military and political more than doctrinal. I know this
because I happen to be a direct descendant of Raghunathrao. He wanted
the extradition of Tipu's men who had apparently sought and received
asylum inside the Mutt from the Shankaracharya. On receiving a refusal
from the conspiring Shankaracharya to his demand, he forced his way in
and took possession of the men and the loot they had carried with
them. As for the restoration of the Mutt purportedly done by Tipu, it
must be considered a very rare exception indeed considering the
religious and cultural havoc he is known to have perpetrated in the
regions under his military, if not political, influence!

Welcome to Indology list. These problems with Shringeri mutt, could
they have led to the Maratha support for the Kanchi mutt
in the 19th century then at Kumbakonam?


I am also interested in knowing about the name,
"kurundwad", does this refer to any village/town?
The rAja/zamindar houses in Madras or Ooty used to be
named after their native places in 19th or early 20th century.

Why I am asking is "kurundam" tree is famous in
Krishna legends in old Tamil literature, and
there are many villages named 'kurunda-pADi" in
Tamil Nadu area.

With regards,
V. Iyer

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