Learning from history (Re: recent messages)

Rustam Masalewala masalewala at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Dec 13 00:58:15 UTC 2000

I agree that no group should be made a scapegoat. Certainly not in India
where acceptance is the very foundation of the nation.

But let us ask this:

1. Is it OK for a group to be fearful, on the basis of history?
2. Does history repeat itself?
3. To what extent a tolerant nation should accept a group, which, once it is
powerful enough, will enforce an intolerant ideology?

For example, should a nation allow a Marxist group to flourish, even though
that group is committed to eventual imposition of a Marxist dictatorship?

Lynken  wrote:

>Admittedly, these invasions were tragic, and, from what I have read, did
>wreak destruction. However, Iam not sure how constructive it is to dwell on
>something that >happened so long ago,

How long ago is "so long ago"?

Is Jewish people dwelling on holocaust OK?

Let us go back. Let us say the killing of Zoroastrian priesthood and
suppression of Zoroastrianism was too long ago. Let us assume that razing of
libraries, taking of daughters and sons of infidels in India into slavery
was too long ago (Is it still legal according to the code?). Let us assume
that when the infidels of Java had to flee to distant hills and islands, was
too long ago.

In the region that is now Bangladesh, Hindus became a minority only within
the last century or so. When Hindus had to flee from there and from West
Pakistan, that too was too long ago.

Kashmiri Pandits had to flee because they are the agents of an oppressive
government. Let us disregard them.

How about people being taken into slavery in Sudan right now?

How about the fanatics born and raised in England today?

Can Hindus assume that they will be safe in what is India today (OK, let us
talk about India minus Kashmir minus Malappuram minus some regions of

Can some of us with a sense of history, tell the Hindus why they shouldn't
be paranoid? They are going to be OK for a few centuries, aren't they?

They wouldn't have to flee some day, would they?



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